The Tale Of Two Towers:  The Most Compelling Evidence EVER C...

The Tale Of Two Towers: The Most Compelling Evidence EVER Compil...  

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3 months
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This EPIC FILM sets out to prove the official story of 9/11 - "that the impact of two planes flying into two World Trade Center towers and the resulting fires caused three World Trade Center steel framed buildings to collapse" is FAKE NEWS BS! A COVERUP of EPIC proportions! Using witness testimony, expert analysis, news footage, and corroborating evidence this film is the most explosive and important film of the decade.

Using now-hard-to-find (Why is that?!?!) clips from George W Bush, Condoleeza RIce, DIck Cheney, Philip Zelikow, Dan Rather, the late Peter Jennings, contributors from Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, firefighters, first responders and 9/11 victims, the film EXPOSED THE COUNTLESS INCONSISTENCIES and OUTRIGHT, BOLD-FACED LIES put forward by the Demonic Bush administration in the hours, days and weeks after 9/11, and their role in HOAXING the American people that 19 Islamic terrorists were the sole perpetrators of 9/11, the crime of the century. THAT COULDN'T BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH, and THIS FILM will make you a BELIEVER that the LIES are nothing more than the BIGGEST COVERUP in our entire human history!
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