[PT 1] SPECIAL OPS REVEALED! Deep State's Dirtiest Secret! A...

[PT 1] SPECIAL OPS REVEALED! Deep State's Dirtiest Secret! A MIND...  

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7 months
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ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ONE, TRUTH SEEKERS?! This videos holds that which has become known - far and wide - as the LARGEST & BEST KEPT SECRET of the DEEP STATE! It HAD been kept under wraps for decades - after all, they simply could NOT let this get out and become public knowledge, because that would decimate their satanic and desperate plans for their new world! Herein this EPIC video, a 5 Star Trust has been EXPOSED for all to see!
Patriots, I never knew I had SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS – until this EPIC and POWERFUL video! EVERYTHING you THOUGHT was REAL….is just a LIE or a fabricated reality, made to order by the Luciferian Cabal and their Deep State Puppets! During this 'Great Awakening', we’ve found out more about the REALITY of the world in which we live – and these Truths are absolutely Mind Boggling! This video fills in SO MANY GAPS with SO MANY ANSWERS, backed by HORDES of evidence that is, well, UNDENIABLE - and at the same time, it creates SO MANY more questions! Perhaps YOU have some different answers than what are offered here, and if so, then PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US IN THE COMMENTS after you watch this WORLDWIDE BROADCAST EVENT!
To begin with, did you know that at Birth, you are considered Missing, Lost at Sea or Dead. You are, quite literally, considered to be merely a Cargo or a Vessel. Through the demonic Birth certificate system set up in 1933, the people of the United States became the method of finance for the USA. And you think that's IT?! Not by a LONG SHOT, Patriots! There is SO MUCH MORE to this story than what meets the eye, so BUCKLE UP, grab the Popcorn and let's travel down this VIRAL MIND-BLOWING Rabbit Hole, shall we now, Patriots?!
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