CABAL-19 (EP4): The Great Victory & Calm Before The Storm vs The Deep State Cabal's New World Order!

CABAL-19 (EP4): The Great Victory & Calm Before The Storm vs The Deep State Cabal's New World Order! CABAL-19 (EP4): The Great Victory & Calm Before The Storm vs The Deep State Cabal's New World Order!
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BEFORE WATCHING THIS EPIC DOCUMENTARY, ASK YOURSELF THESE MIND-BOGGLING QUESTIONS, PATRIOTS: If the 2020 US Presidential Election WAS rigged against President Donald Trump, is it AT ALL possible the Military was aware, AND PREPARED WELL IN ADVANCE, so they could monitor the 2020 elections for SIGNS OF FRAUD? Is there EVIDENCE that the Cabal would use a BioWeapon to help them STEAL the 2020 Election and start the world, spinning, headlong, down the Dark Road to the Great Reset? Is there ANY EVIDENCE to indicate that WHITE HATS in the American Government & Military KNEW that 'Slow Joe Biden' and his Deep State Cabal Cohort Handlers would be CAUGHT RED-HANDED doing their DIRTY DEEDS?! Did that plan trigger a well-constructed 'Continuity Of Government Plan' that would eventually lead to the BEGINNING of NESARA/GESARA and the saving of our Great Republic? HERE'S A HINT FOR YOU ALL: Do NOT miss the EPIC INTRO & ENDING that will have your heart POUNDING STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUR CHEST!
This FANTASTICALLY RESEARCHED & PRODUCED full length DOCUMENTARY investigates AND ANSWERS these, AND OTHER, HAIR-PULLING QUESTIONS about our government’s Chain of Command, and whether it was EXPERTLY PLANNED, in ADVANCE, TO become Decentralized in order to circumvent the Constitutional provisions for succession - and TAKE OUT THE DEMONIC DEEP STATE CABAL, ONCE AND FOR ALL!
This 'Devolution' documentary, which includes ALL 3 parts written by Patel Patriot, asks the hard and questions we all YEARN TO KNOW and accurately provides concisely described scenarios which may - or may NOT be - currently implemented in order to bring about NESARA / GESARA and SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD from theGreat Reset - and the Evil Clutches of the likes of George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, the Clintons, Obama, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center For Disease Control (CDC), the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and many, many more!
Take a FANTASTIC JOURNEY of Truth, Hope and Light with me now, won't you, Patriots?! You'll be SO GLAD you did!