Our Government's a CRIMINAL CRIME SYNDICATE! The TRUTH About...

Our Government's a CRIMINAL CRIME SYNDICATE! The TRUTH About Trum...  

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5 months
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HOW FAR WILL THESE DEMONIC FREAKS GO TO ERADICATE TRUMP'S 2024 RUN?! IS THIS THE END....OR JUST THE BEGINNING OF TRUMP 2024?! Don't listen to the MORONIC talking heads....YOU BE THE JUDGE! Long before President Trump was FORCIBLY & ILLEGALLY REMOVED from his Duly Elected office in 2020/21, I made it PERFECTLY clear that the SATANIC CABAL'S ULTIMATE PLAN was to put Trump in prison - or simply ASSASSINATE HIM! The Deep State just needed to find an excuse. It looks like they’re close to FABRICATING that excuse...
The Conservative BEAST, Stew Peters, winds up and hurls some EXTREMELY SINISTER BOMBSHELLS that will shed light on the MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS (the FBI)!A few short days ago, the FBI stormed into Mar-a-Lago in force to conduct an ILLEGAL RAID on President Trump and his associates. What this will lead to I really can't say yet. It was just a fishing expedition, a baseless excuse to seize EVERYTHING they could in an attempt to look for and FABRICATE BOGUS CRIMES to charge Trump and others with (something that we ALL know Brandon and the FBI is perfectly capable of doing).
LET'S BE CRYSTAL CLEAR ABUT THIS FACT, PATRIOTS: We ALL KNEW this was going to happen! There’s no need to call this a Declaration of War on President Trump. They’ve been at war with him for more than HALF A DECADE now, and it’s been clear the entire time that they are willing to transgress every single norm and institution and tradition to take him down. That’s why they spied on his campaign in 2016. It’s why they pushed C0VID lockdowns so hard, but gave an exception for “mostly peaceful” RIOTERS to terrorize the public. It’s also why the January 6 defendants have been treated like members of Al Qaeda. It’s why they’ve launched a MASSIVE campaign of censorship extending all the way up to the former President of the United States himself.
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