GLOBAL ELITES PANIC! Evidence Surfaces After Queen’s Death...

GLOBAL ELITES PANIC! Evidence Surfaces After Queen’s Death That...  

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DIG YOUR TEETH INTO THIS ONE, PATRIOTS, AND GO DEEEEEP INTO THIS ROYAL RABBIT HOLE!! If you are a Christian – you should remember the warning in your Bible that says “This world is ruled by the powers and principalities of DARKNESS in HIGH PLACES”… should remember that quote all your life. Queen Elizabeth’s burial has captivated the globe with its weeks-long pomp and occult symbolism and it's well known that the British Royal Family, ruled by Queen Elizabeth for 70 years, and commonly understood to exist as the head of the snake, did adopt child sacrifice and ritualistic pedophilia as one of their ancient rites and customs. What are the chances of two of Queen Elizabeth’s sons, Charles and Andrew, both being best friends with the most infamous pedophiles of their era?

Do you know that the Queen of England was found guilty by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State for the disappearance of 10 children she personally took and who were never seen alive again? Additionally, did you know that over 50,000 Canadian children attended residential schools run by churches where they were subjected to torture, sexual abuse, and even murder?

Then there is Prince Andrew’s best friend, Jeffrey Epstein, who is a close acquaintance of the British Royal family. Epstein’s activities are currently the focus of a serious cover-up by the courts and the powers that be, but we are absolutely certain that, like Savile, Epstein supplied children to the HIGHEST levels of high society in the US and Europe, with Presidents, CEOs, and Royalty all participating in his elite pedophile ring. After understanding the nature of her two sons, it’s perhaps no surprise to find out that Queen Elizabeth II was found guilty of killing 10 young children in Western Canada in 1964. But it’s the cover up that really sticks in one’s craw.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Jimmy Savile, a close friend of the British Royal family and Charles III’s best pal. After Savile’s passing, it was discovered that he supplied kids to the UK’s HIGHEST high society pedophile gangs, which included Prime Ministers, Judges, top police and military officials, prominent clergy, and, yes, members of the Royal Family and British nobility.

Well, you haven't seen NOTHING yet!!
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